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The State specialized school on exact subjects under the Ministry of Public Education

The Republican Specialized school on Economics which operates since October, 2002 in accordance with the State Program to the “Year of youth” approved by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated February 29, № 805 coherent to Cabinet of Ministers Decree № 173 dated on August, 2008 “On improving the activities of Specialized Public Education in some subjects” and fulfill the requirements of the Decree and the Charter and in order to fulfill the Decree that is worked out on December 29, 2008, The Ministry of Public Education issued a Decree number 333 “On improving the activities of specialized educational institutions under the Ministry” worked out School`s Order number 66 on December 29, 2008.

Based on finding and suggestions of the working group of the Ministry of Public Education, Republican Specialized school on Economics was reestablished to “The State specialized school on exact subjects under the Ministry of Public Education”.

This Educational institution is situated on Sebzor District

e-mail: afidum@inbox.uziqtisod@xtv.uz

web site: afidum310.zn.uz

phone number:240 5118 fax : 227 35 80


The building is in modern type, with 4 floors

Lessons are conducted in Uzbek language in one shift

Mathematics, Economics and IT subjects are taught deeply based on school curriculum.

There are 2 computer rooms are provided with “Pentium-4” and “Dell P- 4” computers and 28 classrooms from 32 are provided with “Pentium 4” personal computers. 10 “Pentium 4” personal computer and two multimedia equipment are bought for classrooms in order to improve the effective use of technical equipment un the course.  Computers in IT room are connected to Internet, websites and e mails are included in order to improve